Bio: African Law Foundation (AFRILAW) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization of lawyers working to ensure poverty eradication, democracy and good governance, peace building and conflicts management, human rights and justice, sustainable development and environmental protection and sustainability in Africa and around the world. AFRILAW was founded in July, 2012 after the African Regional Conference on Community-Based Paralegal Programme held in Kampala, Uganda and organized by the Global Rights and Namati: Innovations for Legal Empowerment, USA. AFRILAW is registered with Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a non-profit organization and company limited by guarantee with registration number RC 1159775. AFRILAW is governed by reputable legal professionals as the Board of Directors, and is supported by a team of distinguished legal and human rights professionals.The Management Team is headed by the President who also works as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization. He is supported by Head of Operations and Head of Departments. AFRILAW is headquartered at Enugu with contact offices at Abuja, PortHarcourt and Lagos of Nigeria. Our programmes, activities and services are carried out by our dedicated and committed legal experts and partners including paralegals. Our Vision The vision of AFRILAW is a just and better Africa and the world where people live a better life. Our Mission The mission of AFRILAW is to use law, human rights and justice to create change, transform lives and build a prosperous, peaceful and developed society in Africa and around the world. Our Motto The Motto of AFRILAW is ‘Lawyers Working for A Better Society’. Our Strategic Goals The Strategic Goals of AFRILAW are:  The poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged people will be strengthened to overcome poverty, secure and exercise their rights, have access to justice and live a better life;  Legal professionals, communities and civil society organisations will be empowered to fight poverty, corruption, injustice and oppression, uphold peace and ensure a better society;  States, public and private institutions and organizations will be responsible, democratic and accountable, ensuring peace and economic prosperity, and respect and fulfill good governance, rule of law, human rights and justice for all. Our Core Values Our Core Values are:  Professionalism and Excellence: We aspire to be a learning organization, and strive to be the best and give the best.  Justice and Peace: We promote rule of law, advocate for peaceful co-existence of all people, respect of human rights and access of justice for all.  Gender Equality and Non- Discrimination: We recognize and respect the diversity inherent in individuals and organizations and strive to promote the ideals of equality and non-discrimination.  Empowerment and Education: We strive to build, educate and train ourselves, people and communities we serve; communicating and creating awareness for social change.  Good Governance and Accountability: We promote principles of good governance, uphold honesty and transparency in all we do for people and organizations at all times, and take responsibility towards proper use of resource entrusted to us by our partners, donors and communities we serve.  Participation and Solidarity: We encourage full participation of all stakeholders in all we do particularly the poor, vulnerable, excluded and disadvantaged; support and stand in solidarity in promoting their well-being and welfare.  Innovation and Creativity: We value and will exploit innovative ideas and ingenuity that create change, transform lives and build a better society. What We Do? Our Strategic Objectives In line with our vision and mission, our strategic objectives include:  Advancing respect for rule of law, human rights, justice and legal empowerment of the poor, vulnerable, excluded and disadvantaged;  Advancing poverty eradication, environmental protection and sustainability, democracy, good governance, peace- building and conflict management, sustainable social and economic development using legal and human rights frameworks;  Advancing law, human rights, justice and development through innovation, creativity, media and ICT, Campaign and awareness-raising, research, publication and documentation;  Building networks, collaboration and partnership for law, human rights, justice and development.

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